ISCON specializes in the planning and delivery of turnkey Laboratory Projects for Hospitals, Universities, Polytechnics & Colleges, Industrial Research & Development Centres, Quality Control Laboratories, Analytical equipment/instruments, Marine Engineering training equipment, Petroleum & Gas Training and testing equipment, Pilot Plants projects, Engineering Workshop laboratories equipment and Glass Blowing workshop equipment. We equally provide Instrumentation & Control Services, after-sales, support services, as well as manpower development in laboratory operationsand maintenance of equipment.


ISCON Scientific distributes, markets, stocks and supplies a complete range of Medical equipment & instruments of all grades, PVT Reservoir engineering, CORE Analysis and Cementing equipment, Geological & Geophysics equipment, Environmental Equipment & Instruments, Catalyst Testing equipment, Petroleum & Gas Testing equipment, Pilot Plants, Vacuum Distillation and Atmospheric Distillation Systems, Absorption/Desorption, Liquid/Liquid Extractors, Solid/Liquid Extractor, Chemical Reactors, Batch Reactors, Laboratory Steam Generators, Deadweight Testers, Mechanical, Electrical Workshop laboratories equipment & Instruments, such as ACADEMIC:–(Education and Training Products: - Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Material Testing & Properties, Structures, Theory of machines, Thermodynamics, Electrical Engineering Principles, Electrical Machines Technology, Electrical Power systems, Control Engineering, Sensors and instrumentation, and Robotics). VOCATIONAL:–(Education and training Products, Technology and Science Kit, Electricity and Electronics, Technology Fundamentals, Automotive Engineering and Mobile Technology Teaching Laboratory), Geochemistry & Analytical equipment, industrial and Laboratory Chemicals of all grades, etc.


ISCON Scientific represents on exclusive basis the following companies in Nigeria and some for Africa: Dynex Technologies Inc., TQ Educational Training Equipment Ltd, UK, Fritsch GmbH, Germany, Pilodist GmbH, Germany, Euroglass BV, Bionis Instrumentation Scientific, France, Edibon International SA, Spain, Sanyo Gallenkamp Plc, UK, TN Technologies Inc., USA, Oilphase DBR, A Schlumberger Company, Core laboratory Instrument, USA, I-Fischer Technology GmbH, Quanta Chrome Corporation, USA, Forma Scientific Inc., USA, Trex Medical Corporation, USA, International Technidyne Corporation, USA, Nicolet Biomedical Inc., Bird Medical Corporation,USA, SensorMedics Corporation, Echo International Health Services Ltd., VINCI Technologies of France, Petroleum Analyser Company (PAC Group) of France, Lawler Manufacturing Corporation, Yamato Scientific America Inc for sub-Saharan Africa, VELP Instruments, Srl, Italy, Control Instruments and a host of other companies represented by our sister companies.

With our network of representation/distributorship, we can comfortably equip any laboratory, workshop and or research centre with the products of our principals without having to source for any equipment outside our network of representation and marketing. This will make for standardization and for easy of maintenance.


ISCON co-ordinates and organises training courses on behalf of INSTITU FRACAIS DU PETROLE (IFP) AND ECOLE NATIONALE SUPERIEURE DU PETROLE ET DES MOTEURS (ENSPM) for clients in OIL and GAS industries and organisation which offers services to the industry. Such courses include:

These training can be held in France or at their office in North America. In France, IFP runs courses for English speaking countries like Nigeria in English. Language is no longer a barrier for training as it where during the 1970s and eighties.

We equally organize and coordinate overseas training for all our Clients that purchased any of the sophisticated equipment that may require training at our principal’s facility in USA, UK, Germany, etc. This can occur before and or after installation of the equipment in Nigeria. In this way, our clients are offered the opportunity of interacting with the Application specialist in our principal’s facility.


ISCON provides training for end users for all the products we market, sale, supply and service. We equally organize workshops and exhibition on the various products we market.

Our experience with customers over the years has proved that training at our Principal facilities gives the operators the opportunity to learn the various applications of the equipment/instruments and to establish a direct contact with the manufacturer’s Application specialist and the operator. This is advantageous for those who can afford it.


ISCON can also arrange for collaborative research for institutions and research and development. Through collaborative research, Nigeria will be well-positioned technology wise.


ISCON provides maintenance support services for all the equipment and instruments we market, supply and install. The main tenance options range from predictive maintenance, routine maintenance and periodic maintenance. For any of these maintenance options, we hold stock of spare parts for each of the equipment we have maintenance contracts on. In this way, we are able to respond rapidly within 48 hours a fault is reported.


  • edibon
  • Vinci Technologies
  • Quantachrome Scientific
  • Yamato Scientific
  • iFISCHER Engineering
  • Beckman Coulter
  • Bruker Corporation
  • Analytik Jena
  • BioTek Instruments, Inc.